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I'm Back. Well, in spirit at least, and so far I am not taking in more tellies, unless you twist my arm a bit! This is because I have been ill. I've had a stroke and a Kidney Transplant, and at the moment the doctors are trying to make my right arm work again.

So, don`t try to twist my right arm!!!!

This means that I can advise people, look at circuits... I can advise, and often do on Paul Stenning's board. Go to his site, top link on my links page, enter discussion forums and you'll find a section marked `Vintage Television and Video`. I'm Steve_P, and my picture ask me, OK.

I'm starting work on Video Streaming for the British Television Trust Project. If you want to take a look, its Here. Please send pictures and advice back to me - thanks!

Having problems with a PC Supplier? So did I - and I won out in the end. Read my story by clicking here! The firm in question, Time Computers, has gone bust, but the legal aspects are the same, so I`m leaving this up.

Thanks to Paul Stenning, without whom this site would not be living again. I had been with C+W / NTL for about 6 years. During which time, well see above. They don't now have records of me on their system! So now I'm on Paul's System and it's miles better!

Someone's gotta be!
Are YOU?

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WELCOME to The Old Television Website. There seems to be a dearth of information on the web about restoring old TV sets. There's some excellent sites about old radios, but very little about restorations on TV sets. I hope these pages will go some way to putting that right... If you wish to contribute, agree, disagree or even personally abuse me, please do.

Incidentally, this site is British Targeted and deals with the 405 Line and 625 Line PAL systems.If you live or work elsewhere, please remember that while most of the imformation included will be relevant, some may not be applicable to other transmission standards. For our American friends, for example, when I say 'TUBE' I mean Cathode Ray Tube not Valve!

To jump to the section you want, simply click on the relevant link on the menu located on the left.

Please note that all the graphics and coding on this site has been created by my own fair hand as I burned the Midnight Oil. If you wish to plagarise the graphics and backgrounds, you are welcome to do so if you let me know. This is because you may be a valve electronics buff yourself; perhaps we could talk. Tell me where your site is so that I can drop in for a look?

The above applies only to non-commercial users. Commercial sites may NOT plagarise me in order to make money. If you do, you will burn in cyber-hell!!


All Television sets, new and old, contain hazardous voltages. I wish to make it plain that entry to this site is taken as acceptance of the points listed below:

1: It is NOT reccommended to attempt electronic repair or restoration on any TV set UNLESS you are confident that you are suitably experienced in electronics and vintage radio.

2: It is advisable to have experience of Vintage Radio restoration, I reccommend Paul Stenning's Vintage Radio restoration pages as a good start to learn the necessary skills without having to work with 25kV EHT supplies!!!!! You'll find his address under Links.

3: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this site. However, I do not accept responsibility for any errors or their consequences. In addition, I cannot be held responsible for the use, misuse or misunderstandings of any part of the content of this site