This should be never ending. Just because you have read this site does not mean that you know all about restoring old Tellies. Besides. I haven't touched on the joys of old Video Recorders, Studio Equipment, Cameras, Telephones, Telephone Exchanges....

Similarly, there is no way that I can honestly say that I know it all either. I have experience and practice, but Nobody can claim to know Everything. Undiscovered treasures turn up often, but how would you, or I, know just what that funny thing at the car boot sale actually WAS? I heard a sad story a few years ago about a Radio Ham who was offered the contents of an elderly deceased enthusiasts house and collection. He decided that one item, because it was so Bulky, was worthless. It was a Mirror Lid TV set....

However, I digress. Subscription to a good enthusuiasts magazine, such as BVWS or Radiophile, is worth its weight in Gold. I have listed good books. magazines and periodicals below.


'Electronics Classics-Collecting, Restoration and Repair' : Andy Emmerson.

Newnes: ISBN 0-7506-3788-9

I urge you to buy this book. Andy Emmerson has the knack of writing books like this that are invaluable and immensely readable whether you are a complete beginner or a recognised expert. He also has the ability to talk to everyone at the same time and on their level. No matter how long you have been involved in the hobby or how much of an expert you may claim to be, this book will always contain something that you didn't know. This really is an excellent book and is set to become a Classic!
'Old Television":Andy Emmerson

Shires: ISBN 0-7478-0367-6

This delightful little book details old televisions and related topics from day one to the 1970s. Lots of pictures of sets and memorabilia. It is an excellent introduction to the hobby and also a good read for unsympathetic wives or partners.
'Old Telephones' : Andy Emmerson.

Shires: ISBN 0-85263-781-0

Another in the Shires series. Obviously not to do with Television, but a very nice book to have which again contains lots of good information and pictures of old telephones. You could read this and find yourself collecting old phones as well. I have now got about three... A fascinating subject!
'The Setmakers' : Keith Geddes & Gordon Bussey.

BREMA : ISBN 0 951 7042 0 6

This book tells the story of the Radio and TV industry from the invention of the thermionic valve all the way through to the present day. The story is well backed by some fascinating photographs and although not a technical book, it's well written and very readable.
'Radio and Television Servicing' : Newness Books.

These annual books dating from the 1950s contain the circuit diagrams of nearly all makes and models of domestic Radio and TV equipment from the 1940s to the present day. They are in most local libraries and can be obtained from car boot sales and swapmeets. They are very handy to have!
My copy was published by Newnes-Butterworths: ISBN 0 408 00033 3. Circa 1970.

This is an out of print book that was used in most colleges as a textbook. It details the operation of most TV sets up to the early 1970s and provides many fault finding tips. It is well worth tracking down.
First Published 1971 by Newnes-Butterworths. ISBN 0 408 00044 9

This is the Colour TV addition to the textbook above, which concentrates on early and first generation Colour TV sets such as the BRC2000 and the Decca CTV25. It contains the circuits of most stages of these sets and details as to how they work. This should be available at the local library, car boot sale or swapmeet. A very valuable book to have.
First Published 1971 by Fountain Press Ltd. ISBN 0 852 42470 1

G.R. Wilding also wrote some excellent text books. This is a favourite of mine because it offers practical fault finding advice on both Colour and Monochrome sets and the imformation is very easy to find. Another book that is worth looking out for.
Rapid Radio Repair: Chas E. Miller.

ISBN NO: 1 902866 00 2

This is the first of a planned series of books in which the one and only LEGENDARY Chas.E.Miller (OK Sir?) passes on his years of experience in practical valve radio repair. It is a very good book for those who know the theory and want to improve their ability to apply it on the bench.
Although not about TV sets, its a very handy little book, as I am sure the rest will be.
Can be obtained through the Radiophile address below and the Author will even autograph it for you!
There are various books around which give information on valves, pin outs, operating conditions and equivalent. I have a copy of 'Radio Valve Data' compiled by A.M. BALL in 1970. This also covers CRTs, Transistors, Early ICs, Early Logic ICs, Barretters and various types of rectifiers.
Not all of these are available in the shops, but do please BUY the ones that are rather than relying on the WH Smiths Reading Room!! I have given addresses for those magazines that are private subscription only. Please eclose a large SAE with your enquiry!
TELEVISION: Reed Business Publishing, Monthly.
This is the monthly journal of the Television industry. It provides up to the minute news of technological developments, lots of TV/VCR/Sattelite/PC Monitor/Camcorder servicing tips. There are often nostalgia items and the Help Wanted column is excellent and currently free to advertise in.
This journal started in the 1940s as a offshoot of Practical Wireless, and was called Practical Television until about 1969. Back issues of Television are now quite desirable and also very useful to have.They contain a lot of very useful servicing advice on the sets we love to collect! NOTE - Has a few problems right now called an Editor who knows nowt!
A long standing monthly periodical dating back to the 1930s. Now very heavily biased towards Amateur Radio, but has some excellent Vintage Radio pages, good 'small ads' and Amateur Television info. There is also a lot of good theoretical imformation in this magazine. Back issues are much broader however and are very good to have.
THE RADIOPHILE: Bi Monthly Vintage Radio Magazine, Private Subscription.
The RadioPhile, 'Larkhill', Newport Road, Woodseaves, Stafford, ST20 0NP.
Currently 18 per year, i.e 6 issues. Sample Copy 3.
This is more than jsut a magazine,it becomes a way of life! I hope Chas Miller won't object to my description of it as a Vintage Radio Friendship Society! Not only is the Radiophille a magazine, but they also organize regular auctions and gatherings, construction competitions and also the famous Concours D'Elegance. There is also an excellent service data library. Subscribe and Join in!
The Secretary, Curtons House, School Lane, Walpole St. Peter, Wisbech PE14 7PA.

If you have fond memories of The Test Card, Test Card Music, Service Imformation or even the Colour TV Demonstration Films, then membership of the Test Card Circle is a must. Not only do you get a quarterly magazine and access to some of the world's greatest musical riches, but the once a year convention in Leominster, where devotees from across the UK gather to enjoy the music, the memories and the beer. Lots of Technical People go to this as well. Every April in Leominster. Once Been, forever smitten.

This is the quarterly journal of the BRITISH VINTAGE WIRELESS SOCIETY. Good technical items and imformation mainly covering Vintage Radio, however TV collecting does fall within the BVWS remit. Regular swapmeets and gatherings are organised throughout the country, many however take place at Harpenden, which is just North of London. The BVWS gatherings are mostly for Radio enthusiats, but there are usually some nice offers for TV collectors and its a good chance to catch up with friends in the hobby!

Old editions of this are nice to have. This publication was a weekly small magazine circulated to dealers in the 50s and 60s. A Little technical info, but some great pictures and adverts. A real insight into the Radio & Television Trade of years gone by. Thanks to Mikey Bennett for letting me have a large pile of these and a great way to waste an afternoon they are too!!

This monthly publication was started in 1964 by Rank Bush-Murphy to keep their dealers up to date with their sets and to provide them with service support. Some useful tips and fault info covering Bush & Murphy sets, from the TV125 series onwards. As a Bush collector I really do like these. More technical than the 'Trader' magazines above and again thanks to Mikey Bennett for these!

These are the societies of which I am a member. A look round these magazines, and of course the internet and the UK Broadcasting webring, will take you to many more. I never said that this site was exhaustive! Just Exhausting...