Everyone seems to feel the need to put a page on about themselves, so here's my effort...

I am Steve Pendlebury, 39 and showing it, I have lived in Bolton, Lancashire all my life.

Following an accident, I am currently in between jobs, so to speak. I have previously worked in Cable TV, PMR and the Cellular Mobile Phone industry, always repairing things. My first job was with the BBC in their Transmitter Group. This is now Castle Transmission. I was lucky as I caught the very end of the Golden Era and have worked on valve and vintage equipment that was still in use at the time.

I collect Old Records, especially 1960s originals, my favourite artists are Herman's Hermits, Malcolm Roberts, John Rowles, Malcolm Vaughan, Robert Earl, Dorothy Squires, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

I am also a professional broadcaster and mobile DJ, where I do my best to incite riots at Wedding Parties. Recently the mamager of one venue came up and pulled the plug on me because nobody would leave the dance floor! As a broadcaster, my most current work has been with BMR - Bolton Markets Radio.

I am also a member of RadioPhile and the BVWS.

As I am a fan of the late great STANLEY KUBRICK, there is no photo of me on this page. I like a lot of Older Science Fiction, especially Dr Who, and I am also fond of old Horror Films especially Hammer Films.

We all support BOLTON WANDERERS, the SUPER WHITE ARMY!!!!!!! THE ONLY WAY IS UP..(ahem, sorry, got carried away there.)

I spend most of my spare time either listening to music, repairing old electronic equipment, especially TV sets, or sitting typing at this thing!!!!

I think that'll do, After all, you came here to read about old tellies, not about me!