Steve Pendlebury reviews Chas Miller's handy books on Radio Repair.

The two books shown here, 'Standard Superhets' and 'The Why and How of Alignment' are the first in a series of Handy little books by Chas Miller, available through Radiophile publications.
Chas Miller had a very lucky youth - he was paid for doing what most of us love to do for a hobby!! In the first of these books - 'Standard Superhets' - Chas passes on to us his many years of experience in Valve Radio repair. He assumes an understanding of Electronics and helps the reader to apply his skill to fast fault diagnosis of valve radios.

The standard approach to repairing all valve radios is described in detail, and there are some common circuits included for the reader to study and see how the theory and practice are applied. A good many of the principles of valve radio repair can also be applied to amplifiers. record players and tape recorders. The principles can also be applied to many parts of TV sets.

Many hobbyists need a greater understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of RF and IF alignment, and the second book, 'The Why and How of Alignment' is an excellent little book which fills a great gap in the market. Before, we had to study dusty old books which contained long winded theory, but now Chas shows (or, as Chas would insist, Shews us!) how to do it in an accessible and readable form.

He also tackles various ways to align a set, depending on what equipment is available to the reader. In addition, this book helps us to tell the difference between Misalignment and 'Real' faults.

In both books, the approach is common to just about all radio sets - and my copies are always kept to hand on the bench as Chas's friendly and helpful little books, based on decades of experience save me lots of time.

The books are available for 3.70 incl P&P from:

Radiophile Publications,
Newport Road,
Stafford ST20 ONP

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