Steve Pendlebury reviews Dilys Taylor's fascinating new book..

Any historian will tell you that fact can be more exciting than fiction, and this book, by Local Historian Dilys Taylor is further proof that the saying is true.

This is the true story of a Wesleyan Countess who lived in Bolton in the early 19th Century and the battle between The Countess, in reality Margaret Crompton, supported by her mother Ann Crompton, and her Husband, the French Count De Mandeville, for custody of their daughter Caroline.
The story is told partly in narrative and partly in the Count's own words as Dilys Taylor researched the story from testimonies and from the Count's own memoirs from this troubled time in his life. It is amazing to think that by the time their daughter Caroline was 8 months old, she had been kidnapped, snatched, held hostage and been made a ward of court.

The dramatic events that unfolded in Acresfield, Bolton at this time are more amazing and exciting than any fiction writer could have dreamed up and the fact that story is in fact true makes the tale even more fascinating.

Anyone with an interest in British History or who likes a good exciting read is urged to buy this book. For every copy sold, a donation of 1 UK is made to The Children's Society. This book is available directly through The Old Tellys Site.

To order THE WESLEYAN COUNTESS: Contact Dilys Taylor by clicking here.

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